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식물 약재 구성성분과 국내 약전 성분과의 비교 연구

Comparison of chemical compounds of medicinal plant materials with compounds of domestic pharmacopoeias

김상균 (한국한의학연구원) ,   이승호 ( 한국한의학연구원) ,   김안나 ( 한국한의학연구원)

식물 약재 구성성분과 국내 약전 성분과의 비교 연구 - 저널명, 기관명, ISSN, 발행일, 권호, 페이지, 조회수, ISBN 정보 안내
저널명 大韓本草學會誌  기관명 大韓本草學會 
ISSN 1229-1765  발행일 2016 
권호 제 31권 제 5호  페이지 55-62 
조회수 306  ISBN  



한글 초록 없음


Objective :
TM-MC was constructed to provide information on the chemical compounds of medicinal plant materials which were listed in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese pharmacopoeias. The aim of this study was to compare of the chemical compounds of TM-MC with those of domestic pharmacopoeias.
Methods :
First of all, TM-MC was updated on medicinal materials and chemical compounds which were extracted from articles up to the PubMed identifier of 26 millions. After searching for medicinal plant materials with information on their major compounds in Korean pharmacopoeias, we identified that the information on medicinal materials and chemical compounds were also existed in TM-MC. Then, we figured out how much the compounds have been studied by counting the number of articles for those compounds in TM-MC.
Results :
Information on 9 medicinal materials and about 1,700 compounds was newly added to TM-MC after manually curating 645 articles. Korean pharmacopoeias contained a total of 91compounds from 53 medicinal plant materials, while TM-MC provided information on the 89 compounds from the 53 medicinal materials in Korean pharmacopoeias. The compounds stated in Korean pharmacopoeias has been much studied by comparison with other compounds of each medicinal material in TM-MC.
Conclusion :
Most of chemical compounds stated in Korean pharmacopoeias were also listed in TM-MC, excluding two compounds. Thus, we concluded that information in TM-MC is mostly consistent with that of Korean pharmacopoeias. In the future, we will periodically update TM-MC with articles added to the MEDLINE.

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